Classes and Programs

At Centre Stage, we have something for every age and skill level. No matter where you start from, you are destined to succeed. Our schedule is created for maximum value and opportunity for your dancer to thrive.

Children are placed based off of experience and age. All dancers have a place in our studio, and we guarantee to place each child in the area that they will benefit most from.

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What level is my dancer?

This is our Centre Stage Journey! Dancers are able to start in their levels based on age and experience/technical knowledge. If you have any questions about which level is best for your dancer, please reach out to us! (520)498-0093

What is the dress code?

Each level is required to have their class leotard (color coded) and the appropriate dance shoes. Acro classes do not require any footwear, and HipHop classes do not need a leotard and can wear clean street shoes.

Our dancewear is different from the leotards and tights you may see at Target or Walmart because they are designed to last longer. Then we are also able to create a clean and uniform look between each class!

To order dancewear online-


-Click on MORE and select ONLNE STORE. All dancewear purchases will be available for pickup at the dance studio typically within 1-2 weeks.

How much are classes?

Registration Fee is only $35

*When registering late in the season, the All-Inclusive adjustment will be added to the monthly tuition for the remainder of the season to make up for the months missed.

Can I watch the classes?

Due to limited space in our studio, we ask parents to remain outside of the studio during class time to reduce distractions. We DO offer live Zoom access to all Twinkle classes so parents may watch if they like!

Learn more about our class watching policy HERE

What if we can’t make it to a class?

If you must miss a class, we offer makeup classes in any other class time at the same level of the missed class. Please reach out to our office staff at (520) 498-0093 to let them know you can not make it that day and to schedule a make-up class!

What if I need to drop a class?

Things happen, we totally understand. If you have to drop all classes at Centre Stage for any reason, we require a 30 day written notice (email and text work as well). When a dancer drops a class it affects the choreography, the structure of the class, routines, and more. The 30 day notice gives us time to prepare for their absence. If notice is given less than 30 days before the intended drop date, your account will still be charged for the following month.

If you have any challenges or issues that we can remedy, please reach out to us directly to schedule an appointment with the director. We take our parent feedback very seriously. Feel free to call or text (520) 498-0093 to schedule an appointment.