Summer Camps

Already thinking about Summer? So are we! We are offering Full Day Summer Camps and 3 week dance programs to provide you with the best summer possible.

What each camp includes:

  • Activities designed specifically by Child Development Experts
  • Curriculum approved by a Certified Family Life Educator
  • Socialization and peer engagement
  • Physical activity
  • Program Completion Certificate

Encanto Camp (ages 4-11)

June 6th-9th 9am-3pm

Encanto Camp Details

You get the chance to become a part of the Family Madrigal and learn all about their special gifts. Tia Pepa will teach you about weather and emotions, Mama Julieta will be sharing her cooking and first aid skills, Isabella will help you prepare to grow your own flowers and so much more. This week will be full of arts, crafts, music, dancing, games, and learning the secret life skills behind the magic. There is only one rule- DON’T TALK ABOUT BRUNO. Just kidding, Bruno will make an appearance with his skills too!

Exclusive Pricing: $295 per camper

Star Spy Agency (ages 4-11)

June 13th-16th 9am-3pm

Star Spy Agency Details

TOP SECRET INFORMATION: There has been a crime at Centre Stage, and only the most qualified agents will be accepted to solve the mystery. YOUR MISSION: Discover what has been stolen and capture the thief. To ensure your commitment to the mission, you will go through Secret Agent Training finding clues, decoding secret messages, and tracking down the bad guys. Your sleuthy skills are needed to sneak into highly protected areas, and only the sharpest of minds can solve the puzzles presented. Only serious applicants apply!

Exclusive Pricing: $295 per camper

Astro Academy of Magic (ages 4-11)

June 20th-23rd 9am-3pm

Astro Academy of Magic Details

Dear Witch/Wizard,

You have been accepted into the Astro Academy of Magic. During your time in our Academy, you will be sorted into houses. Your house will be like your family. Compete in games and activities to earn points and win the House Cup. Take lessons in various areas of magic including astronomy, potions, herbology, and defense against the dark arts. We accept all levels of magical abilities into our Academy.

Yours Sincerely,

Headmaster Nichols

Exclusive Pricing: $295 per camper

TikTok Camp (ages 7-13)

July 5th-July 7th 9am-3pm

TikTok Camp Details

Does your child love learning the new TikTok moves and laughing at the hilarious clips? Bring them to TikTok Camp where in addition to creativity and original and critical thinking, we will focus on developing safe internet skills, media literacy, and understanding how to use social media platforms safely and responsibly. Each camper will recieve a file of all their created videos and content for you to keep as a memoir (NO DIGITAL BUNDLE PACKAGE REQUIRED). They will learn from technology professionals how to remain safe and smart with their internet usage. THIS is the kind of social media influence you have been looking for!

Exclusive Pricing: $225 per camper

Becoming Broadway (ages 4-13)

July 11th-14th 9am-3pm

Becoming Broadway Details

Are you ready to take the stage? Refine your skills this summer while learning to ‘Become Broadway’. With professional voice instructors, guest choreographers, and experienced acting coaching, you will be New York Ready! In addition, you will gain confidence skills and be able to find the motivation you need to achieve all of your goals. This is an opportunity that all performers do NOT want to miss!

Exclusive Pricing: $295 per camper

Royal Training Academy (ages 4-11)

July 18th-21st 9am-3pm

Royal Training Academy Details

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

You have been summoned to the Royal Training Academy. It is your time to prepare to fulfull your purpose as a royal guardian of Centre Stage Kingdom. Your training will be rigorous and enjoyable. Finesse your ettiquete, learn the art of paint, music, and dance, learn the majestic sport of fencing, and compete in chivalrous activities fit for a King and Queen. At the end of your training, you will be crowned as a Royal Guadian of Centre Stage Kingdom at your very own coronation ceremony!

Exclusive Pricing: $295 per camper

*Unicorn Princess Camp (ages 3-4)

June 10th 9am-12pm

*Teddy Bear Tea Party (ages 3-4)

July 15th 9am-12pm

Tiny Adventurers

Of course, we can not forget about our tiny adventurers! These camps are 1/2 day to privde the most fun for our smallest campers.

Exclusive Pricing: $65 per camper

Unicorn Princess Camp- spend the day being the Princess you deserve to be! Prance your day away with crafts, spa activities, and dancing. Digital Bundle included in Registration.

Teddy Bear Tea Party- Spend the day with your best stuffed friend. Bring your favorite teddy bear (or any other fluffy buddy) to a special tea party to celebrate your friendship with dancing, crafts, and OF COURSE a tea party. Digital Bundle included in Registration.

Tiny Adventure Camps are $65/each

Summer Camps start at $229

Can’t make it to the full camp? NO PROBLEM! Day Passes are available for ALL Summer Camps. Chose up to two days/camp to come in and be a part of the adventure for only $79/day

Additional Camp Options (these can be added through the Online Store)

-Early Drop Off: If needed, you are able to drop off your camper between 7:30am and 8:45am. $10/day

-Late Pick Up: If needed, you are able to pick up your camper until 5:00pm. $15/day

-Lunch/Snack Bundle: We can provide your camper with a nutritionist approved lunch and snack for you. $15/day

-Digital Bundle: This will include all videos and photos taken/created during the week of camp. We will also include digital activities that can be used later on that relate to the activities we did at summer camp! $25/camp (Digital Bundle is included with TikTok Camp)