The Shimmer Academy

The Shimmer Academy is where your dancer (aged 3-7) first starts their journey to
becoming a STAR. Shimmer Academy is divided into four levels based off of age.
Students may start at any time within this program but should show mastery of
their level before promotion to the next. With regular attendance, your child will
thrive and should be able to progress from one level to the next each year!

Shimmer Academy is comprised of four levels:

Shimmer 1- Ages 3
Shimmer 2- Age 4
Shimmer 1 and 2 meet one hour per week.
The investment is $99/month

Shimmer 3- Age 5
Shimmer 4- Age 6
Shimmer 3 and 4 meet two hours per week. The investment is $199/month.

Monthly Investment includes:
Registration Fee
Recital Fee
Monthly tuition
1 Costume for the recital
The Shimmer Curriculum: Each class includes Ballet, Tap, Acro

Shimmer Ballet: Shimmer Program is comprised of the award winning American
Ballet Theater curriculum for ballet. This curriculum lays the foundation for our
youngest dancers for a lifetime of grace. The focus is on creative movement and
age appropriate creativity that brings the magic to dance.

Shimmer Tap: The Al Gilbert method is utilized for Sparkle Tap. “Uncle Al” is
considered to be one of the all time greats of tap theory and tap teaching. His
graded technique and choreography help young dancers to develop a sense of
rhythm and patterns. Plus, they are tons of fun.

Shimmer Acro: Your Shimmer dancer will get the benefits of the highly acclaimed
and celebrated Acrobatic Arts curriculum. Acro is a great way to develop strength
and coordination in addition to flexibility. Shimmer dancers learn Acro
fundamentals such as forward rolls and cartwheels. Plus, it’s a great way for active
little ones to get some much needed energy releases. Your Shimmer dancer will
love Acro!

All Shimmer Dancers will perform routines for the recitals in December and again in June.

Shimmer dancers will have celebration and level assessments in July with
advancements each August.