The Shine Academy

In the Shine Program your dancer (age 11-teen) is blossoming into a confident
dancer and young lady. She often owns the stage with fierceness as she relies on
her skills she has worked so hard to develop. She feels a sense of belonging with
her dance besties. Under the guidance of their dedicated instructors, these
dancers influence each other to be their best. They have fun, work hard, commit,
and to truly SHINE.

The Shine Core Program is divided into levels based off of age, experience, and
skill level. Students may start at any time within this program but must show
mastery of their level before promotion to the next. With regular attendance, your
child will thrive and should be able to progress from one level to the next each

Shine Core Program
Age 11+
Intermediate-Advanced Levels
Ballet, jazz, Contemporary
All Inclusive Monthly Investment: $399/month-includes registration, recital fee, monthly tuition, applicable costume(s) for the show.

Shine Electives
ages 11+
choose from tap, hip hop, acro*
each class meets for 1 hour each week
investment: $99/month if electives taken individually
$399/month to take Shine core classes and all electives

The Shine Core Curriculum: Each class includes Ballet, Jazz, Contemorary

Shine Ballet: Comprised of the award winning American Ballet Theater
curriculum. This curriculum builds upon a strong foundation emphasizing growth
in strength and technique. Understanding of musicality is developed.
Understanding and execution of correct terminology and technique is required.
Mastery of movement is expected. Pointe is introduced for some dancers in levels
5 and 6. Advanced pointe work is developed in levels 7 and 8. Advanced dancers
in Shine Ballet are eligible for pointe solos and lead roles.

Shine Jazz: Utilizing our proven jazz curriculum, students learn kicks, turns, leaps,
and combinations. As dancers progress through Shine jazz, advanced and
complex choreography is introduced and mastered and memory retention is
increased. Dancers explore different styles of jazz including jazz funk, lyrical jazz,
and classical jazz. Choreography is challenging and encourages dancers to grow.

Shine Contemporary: Working with the hottest choreographers of today such as
Travis Wall, Teddy Forance, and Kathryn McCormick, Centre Stage has partnered
with CLI Studios to bring your child the very best that dance has to offer. Your
child will learn rise and fall, expression, emotion, and endurance coupled with
challenging and creative choreography through this award winning program.
Portraying feelings and story telling is explored and understood by Shine Dancers
who are ready for this emotional outlet in their lives. They learn to “leave it on the
dance floor”.