Dress Code

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Can I buy dancewear from somewhere else?

It is required to purchase official class leotards to wear during dance. This ensures the material is of the highest quality and that our dancers are uniform with eachother. The tights we use are specificallly engineered for dance and are long lasting and durable as opposed to regular tights you may find at the store.

What if I have previous years leotards and shoes?

If you have previously purchased dancewear from Centre Stage prior to the dress code change, you are welcome to continue wearing those leotards.

Can I wear something else to class?

You are able to wear shorts or leggings to classes if you feel more comfortable. No sweatpants or baggy shirts, except for in HipHop classes.

Why do dancers wear leotards?

  •  Freedom of movement: the most obvious reason is that dancers that are also considered athletes wear leotards during practice because it allows freedom of gesture and grants greater mobility.
  •  Prevent injury: on the other hand, it helps teachers to see if the dancer has proper hip alignment and correct the posture when needed. If the bones are not aligned, the student might end up forcing the rotation and get injured.
  •  Aesthetics: Dance is an art. Wearing tight apparel also reveals the beautiful lines of the human figure and the complexity of the techniques.